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Imagine piling up $1 million, dousing it with gasoline and then casually tossing in a lighted match.

Sounds ridiculous, right? Who would willfully burn $1 million?

But if you’re a medium-sized dealer with multiple branch locations, you could easily be wasting this much money in lost productivity – because of an efficient, outdated dealer management system.

Your employees spend a shocking amount of time searching for data

Conservatively, 10% of the average dealer employee’s work time is wasted looking for data or moving it from one system to another.

The actual numbers may be quite a bit higher, according to business analysts:

  • Interact Source estimates this level of waste at 19.8%.
  • McKinsey estimates over 22%.
  • IDC says it’s 30%.

In any case, that’s a lot of unproductive work time that’s not adding value to your customers or adding revenue to your bottom line. It doesn’t even begin to factor in the opportunity cost of this lost time.

In addition, many existing dealer management systems have inflexible analysis and reporting tools, making it time-consuming to piece together a single source of truth. That’s costly! It could be making the difference between stagnation and growth.

What is your dealer management system costing you?

Our new Dealership Workforce Inefficiency Calculator can help you quantify this problem. Fill out the form below to access our new Excel-based calculator. Enter your data to learn what an inefficient data infrastructure is costing you!